RICOMEX Enterprises Ltd. ("Ricomex") is a Hong Kong registered company which operates in China. We began in 1991 as a manufacturer producing all kinds of metal wire accessories. Later on, in response to market need, we started to focus on producing wire household product and export through local trading companies. Through years of experience, we became specialists in this field and our quality meets some of the most stringent requirements of our customers in Europe and Japan. In 1998, we acquired a wooden product factory so as to leap into multi-material production. And in order to maintain our competitiveness, we then established our own R&D department, which is capable of developing new products and serve our customers on OEM products. In view of the new trading practice enabled by internet technology and the competitive advantages of direct trade, we began to supply directly to some of our customers that used to be via local trading companies since 1999.

In Ricomex, we see Design, Quality and Service as Critical Success Factors. First, we are a design-driven, innovative manufacturer, and more than fifty percent (50%) of our products are first-to-the-market or with major improvements over the traditional products in the market. Beside of Design, we have been striving to offer to our customers with the best quality products that China wire household product industry has to offer. We are committed to total quality control on all Ricomex products delivered. Among the corporate values of Ricomex. Customer Satisfaction always tops the list. By customer satisfaction, we mean total Ricomex commitment to service, which meets or even exceeds customers' requirements.

To Ricomex, Customers Satisfaction has 3 Rs: Deliver the Right Goods to customers with the Right Price at the Right Time.

To explore the quality products and service that Ricomex has been delivering, please let us know your product idea and you will receive your first Ricomex sample very soon. (Tel: 86-755 468 0643; Fax:86-755 845 2528; E-mail :ricomex@public.szptt.net.cn)

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